2021 Winter Machinery Consignment Sale

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Starts Opening December 10th & Closes on December 14th

Helpful Auction Hints:

Refresh your Screen Frequently to ensure you are seeing up to date information. Note that especially on devices (Cell Phones/Tablets), what you are seeing on the screen may not be what is actually happening on the sale. Some devices do not refresh therefore causing misleading results. Please refresh frequently.

We also encourage you to update your information under your account setting and add your cell phone number so you receive a text message when you have been out bid. This is the easiest way to make sure that you are the successful bidder and do not miss being outbid on an item.

Please note you only need to register once. If you have registered online for one of our previous sales, you do not need to do so again.

The Credit Card used during the registration process is a one-time fee (in US Funds) used to verify your identity to prevent false registrations. This card will not be charged for any purchases made.

Methods of payment are cheque, cash, debit, direct deposit, e-transfer or credit card. However your CC will NOT be Automatically processed and the invoice you received from us after the sale will not include any applicable GST or additional fees. Please contact the office at (403) 843-2747 for your correct total.